Why Are Traditional Braces Outdated And Preference Given To Invisalign of St Louis?

One of the primary reasons for which people prefer Invisalign of St Louis than braces is that it is one of the most comfortable and pleasing methods to make the teeth straight. In addition to this, there are other functions of this technology such as treatment of overbite, spacing, under bite and crowding. Not only does it allow you remove the device whenever you want but the process of flossing and brushing remain simple and effective just like flossing and brushing. When compared with the traditional braces that cause infinite problems such as sores in the mouth, discoloration and plaque, invisalign can help you eliminate this problem forever.

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Faster method and no restriction

Studies have shown that braces take about three years or more for straightening your teeth when compared with Invisalign of St Louis which is not only faster but is aesthetically pleasurable. For the worst cases, the metal braces may take more than five years before the results become visible and many people avoid it as it makes the teeth look ugly. The advent of modern technology in dentistry such as invisalign does not impose any restriction when it comes to eating. With metal braces, the food particles are stuck between the teeth. With invisalign, you can easily remove the trays made from plastic before eating making it a more comfortable method.

Difficulties in the traditional method

Not only do you face a lot of difficulties with metal braces while eating but it can cause considerable damage to teeth. Moreover, it can cause pain often as opposed to Invisalign of St Louis. With the latter technology, you have convenient plastic trays that are meant for straightening your teeth than conventional metal braces. Thus, there is little or no chance of irritation to occur on your teeth and cheeks that many people faced with metal braces. For aligning your teeth, there are several companies that provide replacements many times until you feel comfortable. While you enjoy eating with invisalign, it allows you maintain your periodontal health.

Traditional and modern technology

When you wear the traditional metal braces, repeated visits to the office cannot be avoided and adjusting the braces can cause a lot of discomfort every time. However, Invisalign of St Louis involves computerized technology which consumes less time but allows you enjoy the smile that you get back after using this modern technology. As far as the traditional braces are concerned, you will surely have the opportunity to smile but it does not guarantee a beautiful smile that you have always desired. For complete satisfaction and a treatment that you will literally enjoy, invisalign is the method of choice.

Chances of damage

The presence of traditional wires that were used for straightening teeth, it often leads to lack of oral hygiene as people face difficulty in brushing and flossing teeth. In short, cleaning the teeth becomes a genuine problem with the traditional braces. On the other hand, when invisalign is inserted into the teeth that are similar to plastic trays, the dentist can take the exact picture of your teeth with X-ray to find out whether you have a periodontal problem that requires treatment. For more information visit Our Website

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